Trimble Ag ADAPT Support

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ADAPT Integration
Trimble continues to be committed to Ag Gateway and ADAPT, and has launched versions of ADAPT plugins for both the AgGPS and AgData formats supported by most Trimble Displays, including:


With this plugin, anyone can now read and write data for Trimble Displays in a reliable and consistent way, without being burdened by the nuance of the File Formats.

Plugin Info: Trimble already has a File Transfer API available for third party developers. This API allows partners to send and receive files from Trimble Displays, wirelessly, through the Trimble Ag Software Platform. While this has API has been available for some time, the ability to leverage this feature in your systems is made significantly easier with the new Trimble ADAPT plugin.
More information:
ADAPT Version(s) Supported
v 1.2

ADAPT Functionalities Supported

✓ Grower/Farm/Field
✓ Field Boundaries
✓ Resources: machines/people/supplies
  Work Orders (prescriptions)
✓ Work Records
✓ Feature Layers (Read only)
✓ Guidance Lines