ADAPT Standard Development Underway: Here’s Your Chance to Participate

Since its initial release in 2016, AgGateway’s ADAPT Framework has demonstrated its value to agriculture with an impressive record of adoption. ADAPT’s binary libraries have been downloaded more than 348,000 times, and the source code has been downloaded thousands of times more.

As a volunteer participant in the ADAPT Standard Project, you will:

Participate in discussions around ambiguous aspects of ADAPT

Provide input on what new requirements the ADAPT Standard should address. For example, areas such as livestock production for which the ADM has little support.

Join the effort Wednesdays at 10:00am Chicago / 17:00 Paris

“Discussion” and “AC Review” swim-lanes will serve as meetings topics, please review and comment prior to Wednesday meetings.

ADAPT: Ag Data Application Programming Toolkit

The problem: A multitude of systems can collect and analyze field operations (“precision ag”) data in production agriculture.  Unfortunately the global agricultural industry has struggled to achieve a basic goal: make it easy for the various systems that a grower wants to use in their business “talk to each other” when it comes to a shared data format.  As an example, a recent survey of North American growers and their business partners uncovered that 84% of respondents find it moderately or very difficult to compile and analyze field operations data (“precision ag data”) from various sources.  This is a serious impediment in the adoption of digital technology globally to improve the productivity, efficiency, and ultimately profitability of farming operations!

The problem (a more technical definition): Interoperability has been a formidable hurdle to the use of precision ag technologies. ADAPT, which stands for Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit, will eliminate the major pain points to broad use of precision agriculture data by easily enabling interoperability between different software and hardware applications. AgGateway’s ADAPT Committee is now coordinating with software companies on plug-ins needed for ADAPT’s adoption. Several hardware and software companies are already in the process of developing plug-ins for their proprietary formats that allow the conversion from one format to another.

The opportunity for the collective “precision ag data software/hardware industry:”  i) spend less engineering effort on ensuring your system can read/write data to the other systems that your customers want to use, ii) spend more time focusing your efforts on providing your customers an ever expanding range of capabilities to use the data in your system, iii) dramatically increase the number of customers that are interested in using your system when it is no longer moderately or very difficult to “compile and analyze field operations data.”


The ADAPT framework is comprised of an Agricultural Application Data Model, a common API (Application Programming Interface), and a combination of open source and proprietary data conversion plugins.  Participating FMIS (Farm Management Information System) companies will be responsible for completing their own implementation of mapping the Agricultural Application Data Model to their FMIS data model.

An industry standard

Tools to simplify communication between growers, their machines, and their partners.

Expertly designed

ADAPT is the years-long work of over a dozen companies and experts.

Simple to use

Common object model that you can use in your farm management software. A controlled cadence to any major changes to the framework that follows an agreed upon versioning policy has been designed to make it easy for software companies to manage the evolution of the framework by the user community

Plugin libraries that allow the farm management software to convert to and from the common object model and different file formats.

Cross platform

It can run on Windows, Mac or Linux if your platform runs the .NET Framework or Mono.

Free to use, free to modify

Open-source license allows you to include the framework in your software and change it as you need.

No permissions needed

Anyone can build a plugin for ADAPT.  You don’t need permission.