Framework Versioning

A key for successful adoption of the ADAPT framework by the industry is to manage breaking changes to the framework in a way that provides sufficient time for companies to incorporate those changes in their software before a production release of the framework. The ADAPT Oversight Committee will accomplish this using a controlled release cadence built around the two face-to-face meetings held annually by AgGateway North America (the steward of the ADAPT Open Source Software Project). Those meetings are referred to as the “mid-year meeting” and the “annual meeting” ( Face-to-face meetings provide a great opportunity to discuss potential breaking changes to the framework, with a goal of not releasing those changes until the next face-to-face meeting (with a release candidate available prior to the next face-to-face meeting). We will not always have breaking changes to the framework to discuss every six months, it depends on how the framework evolves based on the user community. Release notes will be available along with any release candidate to help identify breaking changes that may impact a particular implementation.

For more information visit the ADAPT Versioning policy page