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ADAPT Integration
In one service, we have combined all modern agronomic IT-tools that are necessary for organizing the work of a farm – both crop and livestock. You can quickly receive information on the NDVI vegetation indices, build task maps for equipment, create cartograms of soil properties, analyze the weather from weather stations and conduct a survey of the state of crops for the presence of pests or diseases using a mobile application, as well as protect against raider attacks, organize a land bank and share lease agreements, to increase the efficiency of work by monitoring the location and fuel consumption using GPS-monitoring of equipment.
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ADAPT Version(s) Supported

ADAPT Functionalities Supported

✓ Grower/Farm/Field
✓ Field Boundaries
  Resources: machines/people/supplies
✓ Work Orders (prescriptions)
✓ Work Records
  Feature Layers
  Guidance Lines