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Red Wing Software

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ADAPT Integration
Red Wing Software provides a complete accounting solution for growers through its flagship product – CenterPoint. We manage inventory of both inputs used in production as well as harvested grain. Revenue and expenses can be assigned to farms, fields and crop zones allowing for both the business management of inputs as well as determination of cost of production.
Red Wing Software is currently able to populate the controller with grower, farm and field setup information by using available ADAPT plugins. Future releases will be able to use the work records to generate the transactions necessary to move the inputs from raw material inventory to work in process inventory assigned to the crop being produced.

ADAPT Functionalities Supported

  Field Boundaries
  Work Orders (prescriptions)
✓ Resources: machines/people/supplies
  Guidance Lines
  Feature Layers
✓ Work Records (as-applied/yield)
✓ Grower/Farm/Field