Kverneland ADAPT Support

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ADAPT Integration
Kverneland Group is committed to integrate the ADAPT Framework into the company’s portal for interfacing to external Farm Management/Data Management Systems through API services. Since we fully support ISO-XML (AEF certified) compatibility, Kverneland Group aims to support open data connectivity to other systems that don’t support ISO-XML but use other Data Models. We strongly support the openness of Data Sharing and Conversion, and therefore we believe the ADAPT framework will become a crucial component in this process to connect to other systems.
Plugin Info:
ADAPT / ISOv4Plugin
ADAPT Version(s) Supported

ADAPT Functionalities Supported

✓ Grower/Farm/Field
✓ Field Boundaries
✓ Resources: machines/people/supplies
✓ Work Orders (prescriptions)
✓ Work Records
  Feature Layers
✓ Guidance Lines