Topcon ADAPT Support

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ADAPT Integration Description
Topcon Agriculture will leverage the ADAPT framework and various plugins within TAP, the Topcon Agriculture Platform. ISOXML is the data interchange format of Topcon Agriculture, so the ADAPT ISO plugin will be of primary importance. ADAPT will be key within TAP to interpret logged data, write planned tasks and prescriptions, and for platform-to-platform communication. Topcon Agriculture X-family consoles follow the ISO11783 standard enabling those consoles to be compatible with work orders and work records via the ADAPT ISO Plugin.

ADAPT Version(s) Supported

ADAPT Functionalities Supported

✓ Grower/Farm/Field
✓ Field Boundaries
✓ Resources: machines/people/supplies
✓ Work Orders (prescriptions)
✓ Work Records
✓ Feature Layers
✓ Guidance Lines