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ADAPT Version(s) Supported

ADAPT Integration
The integration with the John Deere ADAPT plug-in allows Conservis users access to John Deere’s GreenStar 2, GreenStar 3 and Generation 4 display data through John Deere’s Operation Center. Growers can now seamlessly integrate their production and machine data from John Deere Operations Center into the Conservis platform so the farm’s data is in one unified system. Furthermore, Conservis is now positioned to integrate with other equipment manufacturers as additional brands who have committed to developing an ADAPT plug-in make them available.

ADAPT Functionalities Supported

  Field Boundaries
  Work Orders (prescriptions)
✓ Resources: machines/people/supplies
  Guidance Lines
  Feature Layers
✓ Work Records (as-applied/yield)
✓ Grower/Farm/Field